The Chamber of Commerce is a local organization that gathers business leaders working in the community. The intention is to advance the goals and interests of your organization and others operating in the area. 

A Chamber of Commerce promotes small businesses and provides networking opportunities, and media and social media exposure, as well as many other member benefits.  A Chamber of Commerce is focused on being an advocate for small businesses within a specific region. They can aid  with hosting an event and increasing the exposure of your business. In other words, they can help provide tools and resources to expand the outreach of local businesses. 

Our local chambers of commerce do all that and more for their local business and non-profit members. In addition to helping established businesses, chambers assist new business owners and those residents who are new to the area. The staff of these chambers are also ready to assist new and existing members and residents and help them make the most of their business and enjoy  being part of the community.

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Barb Ballint- Executive Director


Mary Ann Domyan- Fiscal Officer


Cathryn Stanley- Heritage Museum/Group Tour Manager


Brooke Robinson- Digital Marketing Manager

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Belmont County Tourism Council

67800 Mall Ring Road

c/o Ohio Valley Mall Unit #485

St. Clairsville, OH 43950

Phone: 740-695-4359

Fax: 740-695-6437