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The village of Morristown was platted in 1802 and is considered one of the best preserved examples of a National Pike Town. Its historic homes and buildings date from the early to mid 1800s and feature some of the more common architectural styles found along the National Road, the nation’s first federally-funded highway. To learn more, log onto or write: Morristown Historic Preservation Association, P. O. Box 102, Morristown, OH 43759.


Land: 0.51 square miles (1.32 km2)


1,266 ft. (386 m)



Black Horse Inn.jpg
Morristwon Turkey Trot.jpg

Fun Facts

  • Morristown is a village in Belmont County located about half a mile south of Interstate 70 and with closest Mile Marker being 208. Morristown's Main Street is the original US 40.

  • Older than the state of Ohio, Morristown was founded April 14, 1802.

  • Morristown is the site of oldest postal service in Ohio and one of the oldest in the country.

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