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Exploring Belmont County, Ohio through geocaching is an exhilarating adventure that combines outdoor exploration with modern-day treasure hunting. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Appalachian foothills, Belmont County offers a diverse landscape of rolling hills, serene forests, and charming small towns. As you embark on your geocaching journey, you'll discover hidden gems tucked away in picturesque locations, each cache offering a unique glimpse into the area's rich history and natural beauty.
What is


Geocaching is an outdoor scavenger hunt using GPS-enabled devices to locate hidden treasure in plain sight. It is a free, fun activity for everyone: families, retirees, sightseers, outdoor adventurers, tech-lovers, and explorers. The Belmont County Explore More GeoTour (BCGT) has a total of 35 geocaches just waiting for you to find.
What are the


The rules of geocaching are simple!

1. Respect the area.
2. Sign and date your Log Book.
3. Always put the cache back where you found it.
How do I

Get Started?

Starting you adventure is just a few taps away!

Step 1. Download the Geocaching app or go to
Step 2. Search the geotour code "GT496" and tap which cache you want to find!

And that's it! Once you find the cache, tap the "Found It!" button and log your find.
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