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Let us share our past with you. Belmont County’s historic sites are locations where pieces of social, political, military, and or cultural history have been preserved due to their cultural heritage value. Plan your trip to Belmont County and experience our rich history through our museums, historical sites and landmarks, painted barns, and scenic byways. Historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited at the museums in Belmont County. Glassware, community artifacts, and Underground Railroad information are just a few items that you will view at the sites.  Our historic sites and landmarks include Ohio's first settlement that pays tribute to a Revolutionary War heroine, the Great Stone Viaduct that was featured in a Hollywood movie, Ohio's oldest S bridge, a picturesque covered bridge, a preserved one-room schoolhouse, a park full of Victorian cottages, a tavern and stage coach stop that dates from 1807, an architecturally significant railroad depot, two Quaker Meeting Houses, a restored, turn of the century flour mill, and much more!

 Sight seeing includes outdoor recreation and historical sites. Take a drive around the county and view the beautiful art barns.  Travel our three scenic byways: National Road 40, Drovers Trail, and the Ohio River.

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