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Virtual Puzzles

Being stuck at home doesn't mean you can't experience your favorite Belmont County attractions and places. Explore the beauty of Belmont County, Ohio through our new virtual puzzles! Simply click one of the images below to start your puzzle digitally from your phone or desktop. Drag and drop the pieces to complete the puzzle. Send to your friends and compete to see who can complete their puzzle first!
Trees in Belmont, Ohio by jockeyhollowoutdoors
B&W Great Stone Viaduct by j53burge
Old building in Belmont County by M. Benfield
National Road Bike Trail Tunnel by Denise Hinds
Barkcamp by Jackee Pugh
Eagle Photos at Barkcamp by Ruth Barker
Barred Owl in Belmont County by james.griffin
Rock River Refuge Sign
Eagle Pic by Ryan Mowery
Blame My Roots 2021
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barkcamp State Park
Barnesville Pumpkin Festival
Barnesville Pumpkin Festival
Barnesville Welcome Sign
Bellaire Bridge
Bellaire City Park
Bellaire Welcome Sign
Belmont County Courthouse
Belmont County Fair
Belmont County Heritage Museum
Belmont Welcome Sign
Betty Zane Monument
Biking Through Belmont County
Birds Flying
Black Horse Inn
Blaine 'S' Bridge
Blame My Roots Fest Sign
Blame My Roots Festival
Blame My Roots Sunset
BMRF 2021
BMRF 2021: Adam Doleac
BMRF 2021: Jo Dee Messina
BMRF 2021: Jo Dee Messina & Allie Colleen
BMRF 2021: Lee Brice
BMRF 2021: Miranda Lambert
BMRF 2021: Neal McCoy
BMRF 2021: Neal McCoy & Jo Dee Messina
Boats at Zion Retreat
Captina Creek
Civil War Cannon at Walnut Grove Cemetery
Concord Quaker Meeting House
Dickinson Cattle Co.
Dickinson Cattle Ranch
Downtown St. Clairsville
Downtown St. Clairsville
Downtown St. Clairsville
Dysart Woods
Dysart Woods
Epworth Park
Epworth Park Chautaugua Days
Epworth Park Cottage
Great Stone Viaduct
Great Western Schoolhouse
Green Field
Horse in Field
James Kinney Farmstead
Kayaking at Piedmont Lake
Lake Shawn
Longhorn Tours
Mail Pouch Barn
Martins Ferry
National Imperial Glass Museum
National Imperial Glass Museum
National Pike Wagon Trail
National Road Bikeway Gazebo
National Road Bikeway Tunnel
Ohio River
Ohio River Overlook Area
Ohio river Sunset
Overall Sam Quilt Barn
Piedmont Lake
Piedmont, Ohio Barn
Pond at Egypt Valley Wildlife Area
Raven Rocks
Raven Rocks
Riverside Restaurant Balcony Area
Santa at the Black Horse Inn
Santa at the Great Stone Viaduct
Santa Visits Belmont County
Schaeffer-Campbell Covered Bridge
Schaffer-Campbell Covered Bridge
Schuler Park
Sedgwick House Museum
Shadyside Welcome Sign
St. Clairsville Welcome Sign
Stillwater Meeting House
Stratton Flour Mill
Sunset on Fence
Tri-State Military Veteran
Tunnel in Barnesville
Underground Railroad Museum
Union Street Station
Valley View Campgrounds
Victorian Mansion Museum
Wagon Wheel
Watt Center for History & The Arts
Wheeling and Belmont Bridge
Zion Retreat
Zion Retreat
Zion Retreat
Former Powhatan Point School by Calleen Dunfee
Powhatan Point Marina by Calleen Dunfee
Captina Creek
Hay Bales
Kayaks at Captina Creek
Fence with Wildflowers
Winter Train Scene
Frozen Creek
Snow in Jacobsburg
Fall Scene
Dickinson Cattle Co
Fall at Barkcamp
The Fat Apple