Happy Birthday Belmont County!

Today, September 7, 2023 marks the 222nd birthday of Belmont County, created in 1801.

After 187 years without an official seal, in 1988, a seal and flag were established. Michael Massa, a Bellaire native, designed 3 different seals that were voted on by Belmont County residents. The winning design, still in use today, was approved by motion of the Belmont County Commissioners on November 30, 1988.

The Ohio Senate formally recognized Massa for his design of the Belmont County flag in 1989, with a resolution during the 118th Ohio General Assembly.

The Belmont County seal is set on a light blue background and depicts the sun rising over the Belmont County Courthouse cupola. From the central sun emanate 9 rays toward the perimeter of the seal, ending at nine white stars, which Massa says “are emblematic of Belmont County’s role as the 9th parcel to be initially incorporated into the Ohio Territory, via the ‘Northwest Ordinance’.” The rolling hills and the Ohio River can be seen in the background of the seal. The official county seal includes a Latin motto which does not appear on the flag. “Meliorem Lapsa Locavit” means “He has planted better than the fallen,” or “Having fallen, a better was planted,” and was also used on the seal of the Northwest Territory.

Belmont County takes its name from the French words “belle monte,” which means “beautiful mountain.” And has inspired a song wrote by Sadie McFarland “Beautiful Belmont.” McFarland performed her original song during the opening ceremonies at the 2023 ARC of Ohio Everybody’s Got Talent event.

Sadie McFarland performing "Beautiful Belmont"
Sadie McFarland performing “Beautiful Belmont”

The land of Beautiful Mountains 
We’ve got the Midwest’s best
And all the rest
Sunsets you’ll ever see
We got cows to spare
Fields to share
And a place 
For you to sleep

 Time gone by
How the years do fly
Roads are laid
And lil homes made
Day in day out
They live without 
Cause they know 
The lay of the land

Yes they know 
The lay of the land

Welcome to Belmont 
Beautiful Belmont
The land of Beautiful Mountains 
We’ve got the Midwest’s best
And all the rest
Sunsets you’ll ever see
Hope now you know
Why we love 
Our sleepy lil farm town

The Frenchman said it
And I’ll say it again 
We’ve got the land of Beautiful mountains