Nighttime on the Ohio River at Martins Ferry.

Explore the Beauty of the Ohio River Scenic Byway

A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.”

Laura Gilpin

Spanning 14 counties in southern Ohio, the Ohio River Scenic Byway encompasses the entire 452-mile length of the Ohio River. Starting at US 50 at the Indiana border, the route follows US 52, State Route 7, State Route 124 and State Route 39 to East Liverpool at the Pennsylvania border. The Ohio River Scenic Byway also runs through Indiana and Illinois and is designated a National Scenic Byway.

Belmont County is the only county in Ohio that has three scenic byways – Ohio Scenic River, Drover’s Trail and the National Road (see the previous two published blogs for more info).

Nighttime on the Ohio River at Martins Ferry.

The following are sites near the Ohio River Scenic Byway as you follow it along through Shadyside, Bellaire, Martins Ferry, Bridgeport, and Powhatan Point at the Belmont County border to West Virginia, enjoying majestic river views the entire way.

In Bellaire you will find the Great Stone Viaduct (, Bellaire Toy and Plastic Brick Museum (, the Bellaire City Park (, and the National Imperial Glass Museum ( If your’re hungry, be sure to grab a bite to eat at Gulla’s (

The Bellaire Toy and Plastic Brick Museum is one of many stops to make in Bellaire while traveling the Ohio Scenic River Byway.

An Ohio Historical Marker in Bellaire.

In Martins Ferry you can visit the historic Sedgwick House Museum and the Walnut Grove Cemetery, where you will find a statue in honor of Revolutionary War heroine Betty Zane who is buried there. Visit this website for more information on both sites. While in Martins Ferry, visit Deluxe Toy and Hobby. This family-owned, three story toy store will make you feel like a kid again. (501 Hanover St., 740-633-2875).

Deluxe Toy & Hobby is a unique, three-story toy store located in Martins Ferry.

The villages of Powhatan Point and Bridgeport are both full of history and deeply rooted in the Ohio River. Each community along the Ohio River has its own history and hometown pride. Each also hosts at least one festival or event throughout the year. Visit this website for more information about these and other events in Belmont County.

Check out this slideshow on the Ohio Department of Transportation’s website:

Enjoy your trip along the scenic Ohio River!

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