We have partnered with the Rotary Club of Saint Clairsville to aid in showcasing local veteran's stories by means of audio recordings and visual descriptions. Belmont County has strong roots and bright futures and this is especially exemplified in this project. You will now be able to learn about local heroes, right here in Belmont County.  Now in its second year,  there are over 160 banners displayed on the street light poles throughout downtown St. Clairsville, with more being sold by the Rotary Club. The one-time cost is $100 and the Rotary Club has a fund set aside for those who need assistance with the cost.   Banners are also displayed in downtown storefront windows.  A QR code is on each banner that, once scanned, will take you to this website where you can read and/or hear each veteran's story. A QR code is a type of matrix-based barcode that can be scanned with digital devices such as a cellphone.  For more info or to submit files, email findit@visitbelmontcounty.com or call (740) 695-4359.   

Ira Bailey
David Balint
Dave Barnes
Nicholas Basalla
Charles C. Bellinger
James Bernhard
Louis Berus
Donald Blacker
Edward J. Brewer
Fred Brocklehurst
Terrence J. Brown
Jason Broadwater
John A. Bukmir
Sam Burkhart
Albert Calovini
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