B&O Depot

300 E Church St Barnesville, OH 43713


The village of Barnesville was platted in 1808 by James Barnes, who took advantage of a Drovers road that ran through the area from the Ohio River. This road, as well as the National Road, led to Barnesville being populated quickly. A railroad line was laid out through Barnesville in the middle 1850s and a wooden freight house was built close to the current location of the depot. Passenger service for the town was located in a corner room of the freight house until 1914 when the town was granted a depot by the B&O Railroad.

The depot was opened in 1916 and was heralded by the local newspaper as “long needed and greatly desired.” The depot was the site of many city events, including troop send-offs during World War I, World War II, and the Korean War, as well as several Farmers’ markets held on the site.

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