Raven Rocks

54167-54271 Crum Rd, Beallsville, OH 43716


Raven Rocks is located in southern Belmont County within Ohio’s Appalachian Plateau. The property is a magnificent area with natural, historical and archeological significance. Originally known as the First Ravine of the Raven Rocks by the early pioneers, it was named after the overhanging ledges of unusual, yet astonishing rock formations. Indians of the Ohio and Captina Creek Valley left evidence of repeated visits here for over a period of 200 years.

It is a nature lover’s paradise. A short but beautiful hike, Raven Rocks Loop Trail leads to a secluded waterfall hiding deep in the lush, green forests. Raven Rocks is surrounded in ravines, sandstone cliffs and extensive rock overhangs. It provides a unique microclimate which allows plants and animals to flourish where they should not be able to geographically, and the stream that flows through most of the year is a headwater stream, and the crisp, clear waters that are vital for aquatic organisms.

In 2014, Raven Rocks was placed into a conservation easement with Captina Conservancy through the support of the Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program, making it the largest natural area conservation easement in Ohio history at that time.


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