Fall in Love With Belmont County

Cooler temperatures, comforting foods, cozy sweaters, and the beauty of colorful foliage all around make Belmont County the perfect place to enjoy autumn’s splendor.

So, roll down the windows and let the breeze blow through your hair as you take in the crisp fall air on a drive down one of our scenic byways.

Belmont County is the only county in Ohio with three scenic byways: The Drovers’ Trail, Historic National Road, and the Ohio River Scenic Byway. These routes are perfect for an afternoon drive to see the hillsides come alive with yellow, orange, and red leaves. Peak leaf season is predicted from mid to late October for our area, but the leaves have already begun changing.

The Drovers’ Trail Scenic Byway stretches from Route 800 between Hendrysburg and Barnesville to State Route 147 from Barnesville to Bellaire. Drovers’ Trail consists of 39 miles with outstanding views, historical landmarks, cultural sites, and breathtaking landscapes. Opportunities to explore along Drovers’ Trail include stops at Dickinson Cattle Company, Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum, Watt Center for History & The Arts, Epworth Park, Dysart Woods, Historic James Kinney Farmstead, Great Stone Viaduct, and the National Imperial Glass Museum. Drovers’ Trail is a unique route to explore the rich history of our area that early settlers once traveled as they drove their livestock from the frontier to the East Coast over a century ago.

If you want your scenic drive to include shopping or dining along with sightseeing, travel the Historic National Road Byway or U.S. 40 and enjoy our charming small towns.

The Historic National Road was the nation’s first federally funded interstate highway. It opened the nation to the west and became a corridor for the movement of goods and people. Today, travelers experience classic inns, diners, and motels that trace 200 years of American history on what is known as the “Main Street of America.”

The Historic National Road in Belmont County stretches 28 miles and provides many opportunities to stop and explore along the way. From coffee to wine and chocolate to fine dining, you’ll find many local eateries such as the Fat Apple, Vino di Piccin, Mehlman’s Cafeteria, Kirke’s Homemade Ice Cream, Giacinta’s Gelato & Caffé, Aquila Coffee, My Way Cafe, and the Pike 40. Be sure to check out local shops along the way as well, like Lux

Boutique, The Snotty Pooch, Boutique on Main, Three Labs Mercantile, Kelly’s Suite White House Gallery, and the Farmhouse on 40, to name a few.

The Ohio River Scenic Byway winds along the banks of the Ohio River, hugging its shoreline and offering almost continuous water views. Also known as State Route 7, this byway provides a perfect drive to take in the vibrant fall foliage covering our breathtaking hills, lush forest valleys, and charming river towns.

The Ohio River Scenic Byway spans 14 diverse Appalachian counties in eastern and southern Ohio. It stretches 26 miles through Belmont County, where you will find an appreciation for history, resources, and natural beauty.

From festivals to haunts to delicious pumpkin everything, we have fall activities to keep you busy all season long.

To learn more about all upcoming events in Belmont County, visit our website. We invite you to fall even more in love with friendly, beautiful Belmont County by exploring our buckeye backroads this autumn season.