We have re-launched our  Explore More GeoTour on June 12th at 9 am with 35 new caches! They are hidden at outside locations throughout Belmont County. Participants who find the caches are asked to take a selfie with the cache and sign our log sheet. You must complete 30 caches on the tour to receive a Belmont County Geocache coin. Belmont County cache sites include museums, attractions, parks, and historical landmarks. The Belmont County GeoTour offers players and visitors the chance to embark on a treasure hunt in the local area, all while social distancing. Some of the sites include the Belmont County Heritage Museum, Barkcamp State Park, Raven Rocks, and the Schaeffer-Campbell Covered Bridge. Players must download the Geocaching App to begin their journey. Once 30 out of 35 selfies/photos of caches and or cache codes are submitted to the Belmont County Tourism Office at belmontcountygeotour@gmail.com, players will be rewarded with a geocoin. If participants find all 35 caches, they will receive a coin and be entered into a quarterly drawing for prizes. The Tourism Office is located inside the Ohio Valley Mall and open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its mailing address is 67800 Mall Ring Road, Unit 485, St. Clairsville, OH 43950. Participants may also collect their coins at the Ohio Valley Mall customer service desk. 

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Geocaching? What is it?