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Shadyside is a village in Belmont County situated along the Ohio River with Rte.7 bordering it.  Originally known as Pultney Bottom, it was founded by an English born gentleman named Daniel McElheran . He received 2,200 acres of prime land from the United States government stretching from South Bellaire to Weegee Creek as a form of payment for his military service in the Revolutionary War period. In 1801 Shadyside was the first county seat of Belmont County, but in 1804 the county seat was moved to Newellstown (now St Clairsville). In approximately 1810 after McElheran’s death, his property was divided and sold into farms with many elegant houses on the riverfront and inland. In 1879 the Baltimore, Zanesville and Cincinnati narrow gauge railroad (later OR&W) came through the center of town, bringing with it new destinations and a new population of people and immigrants. Stop 38 was Shady Side Station. Legend holds that there was a large tree that provided shade, hence the name Shadyside. Some of the original railroad stops/homes are still standing today such as Pultney Bottom’s first stop #33 (presently called Avondale) and the Shadyside Station located on the corner of 38th St. next to the Dairy Queen. By 1910 the town leaders filed a petition to incorporate Pultney Bottom into Shadyside and in 1912 a new village was officially born. 

The railroad brought industry to Shadyside and helped it grow. During the late 1800s many industries sprung up including factories making soap, ketchup and jelly, marbles, caskets (Marilyn Monroe’s casket was made by the Shadyside Casket Co.), enamel products, blown glass, and a wine distillery.


Total:1.03 square miles (2.67 km2)

Land: 1.01 square miles (2.62 km2)

Water: 0.02 square miles (0.05 km2)


689 ft. (210 m)



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Fun Facts

  • Katherine M. Nameth Crumbley, of Shadyside, Ohio, became quite a celebrity when she was elected  Belmont County sheriff in 1976, becoming America's first female to win a sheriff's race while having competition in the primary and general elections. She was invited and appeared on the Johnny Carson Show, Hee Haw and the Mike Douglas show, just to mention a few.

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