About Belmont County


Belmont County Tourism Council, Inc. was formed to promote tourism in Belmont County, Ohio. Our office, which is located in the Ohio Valley Mall, maintains necessary information pertaining to recreational, cultural, and tourist related activities. The office is also responsible for advertising attractions and events that are located in the county.

We prepare, print and distribute brochures, pamphlets and booklets promoting Belmont County. The Belmont County Tourism Council also distributes grants annually to qualifying attractions and events that promote tourism.

The staff is responsible for studying the needs for improvement of the counties tourism, attend conferences, and participate in expos that promote our county. We carry on all such other duties as may be necessary to promote tourist related activities in Belmont County.

Belmont County Tourism Council Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consist of seven members which are appointed by the Belmont County Board of Commissioners. The members are appointed for a 5-year term.


Board Members:

  • Bill Goff

  • John Rataiczak

  • George Diab

  • Andrew Barricklow

  • Jason Carpenter

  • Jill Stephen

  • Rev. Bill Webster



  • Barb Ballint- Executive Director

  • Mary Ann Domyan- Fiscal Officer

  • Cathryn Stanley- Office Manager

  • Brooke Robinson- Digital Marketing Manager

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Barb Ballint- Executive Director



Mary Ann Domyan- Fiscal Officer



Cathryn Stanley- Heritage Museum/Group Tour Manager



Brooke Robinson- Digital Marketing Manager


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Belmont County Tourism Council

67800 Mall Ring Road

c/o Ohio Valley Mall Unit #485

St. Clairsville, OH 43950

Phone: 740-695-4359

Fax: 740-695-6437